WBWML is an integrated waste management facility in joint venture with HALDIA DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (HDA) for the benefit of industries in West Bengal. We are authorized by West Bengal Pollution Control Board.

The Common Hazardous Waste – Treatment, Storage & Disposal facility (CHW-TSDF), situated at JL-103, Purba Srikrishnapur, PS. Sutahata, Haldia – 721 635, is spread across 103 acres of land, comprising of a Secured Landfill Facility, Incineration Facility, Waste Treatment & Stabilization Facility, State of the Art Laboratory, Ultramodern waste Transportation Vehicles, Temporary Waste Storage and other related infrastructure.

WBWML provides complete waste management solutions to industries generating Hazardous wastes through ‘Cradle to Grave’ approach.

The Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facility is also situated within this 70 acre complex. The Bio-Medical wastes generated from the hospitals and health care establishments of the districts of East & West Midnapore are collected daily and managed in the hazardous waste management facility.

The MSW management facility is constructed on 30 acres of land adjoining the hazardous waste management facility to cater the management of 60 TPD waste generated in Haldia Municipal area. The components for collection, segregation, recycling, composting and sanitary landfilling are: Door to Door Collection; Containers; Transportation.
The Plastic & Paper Recycling Facility can recycle 20000 MTA plastics of different grade to manufacture Plastic granules